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베루스 담다글라이드 / 담다글라이드 케이스 동영상 아이폰X

베루스 담다글라이드 담다폴더 케이스 홍보영상
VRS Design Damda Glide / Damda Folder cell phone case
URL: https://goo.gl/cqRdoS

[14F] '손때' 핸드폰 케이스 (2021.01.04/뉴스투데이/MBC)

예전 스마트폰 보면 디자인도 투박하고 색상도 까만색 아니면 용달 블루, 다라이 레드 이런 것 뿐이었잖아요.

그런데 요즘 나오는 스마트폰들 보면 색도 디자인도 굉장히 다양해졌습니다.

그래서인지 스마트폰 본래의 디자인을 가장 잘 보여주는 투명 젤리 케이스를 많이 사용하죠.

가격도 저렴한데 튼튼하기까지 해서 '가성비 갑 케이스'로 인정받고 있는데요.

단점이라고 하면 누렇게 변색 된다는 거.


#14F #젤리케이스 #퀴노이드

Keith Jarrett - THE KÖLN CONCERT - complete, Tomasz Trzcinski - piano

Interpretation by Tomasz Trzciński | ((( Spotify ))) https://open.spotify.com/user/1142024168/playlist/1Yleg1iCJwnCHYjeTjInsP?si=psznc7FSS86Xz_G9n4SeCQ

Part I [0:05 - 28:15] Part IIa [28:15 - 43:35] Part IIb [43:35 - 1:04:35] Part IIc [1:04:45 - 1:11:11]

Listen for free http://tomasz-trzcinski.info/the-koln-concert-listen-for-free.html

Listen on Spotify http://tomasz-trzcinski.info/streaming-the-koln-concert.html


December 7, 2018, Tomasz Trzciński, Polish pianist, composer and conductor residing in Germany, was awarded the Medal of Merit for Culture - Gloria Artis in the category of music by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, which is given to people who stand out especially in the field of artistic creation, cultural activity or protection culture and national heritage http://pressmania.pl/maestro-tomasz-trzcinski-odznaczony-brazowym-medalem-zasluzony-kulturze-gloria-artis/

„The piano music by Tomasz Trzciński, that he performs at his concerts, produces and publishes on CDs and in online media, is extraordinarily exceptional and a lively, virtuous art of improvisation. His expressive, poetic and individually creative music flows directly from the heart and soul of a Polish artist who is fascinated by classics and jazz, by his Polish roots just as much as by European music and by the global culture of music... I am very impressed by his original concert art and his valuable achievements, artistic abilities, and publications."

Prof. Lidia Grychtołówna - concert pianist, artist \u0026 piano master about the music of Tomasz Trzciński. http://tomasz-trzcinski.info/lidia-grychtolowna-about-music-of-tomasz-trzcinski.html

The Köln Concert as the Bochum Concert: Tomasz Trzciński interprets Keith Jarrett http://pressmania.pl/the-koln-concert-as-the-bochum-concert-tomasz-trzcinski-interprets-keith-jarrett/

Review from "THE KÖLN CONCERT" in Planetarium Bochum, 05 Mai 2018 http://nrwjazz.net/jazzreports/2018/Koeln_Concert_Bochum_Concert/ The Köln Concert als Bochum Concert | Tomasz Trzcinski interpretiert Keith Jarrett

Apple Music (Stream) https://itun.es/de/BZx7D
Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/playlist/141651321

New CD by Tomasz Trzcinski: POLSKIE MELODIE http://polskiemelodie.com

Blue Mountains 2CD was recorded on Petrof P 173 Breeze grand piano, Live in Wiesbaden, Germany on April 2, 2005

Photoes of Polish Moutains: Pieniny, Gorce \u0026 Beskid Sądecki by Tomasz Trzciński, 1992, 1993 (Part I, II) and Antoni Dybał, 2013 - 2014 (Part IIc)
Tomasz Trzcinski in Internet http://tomasz-trzcinski.info

"There are exactly my "Bue Mountains",
country of my lucky and romantic youth years.
THE KÖLN CONCERT by Keith Jarrett was my favorite music in that time, my first \u0026 big love to improvised, free piano music \u0026 artistically expression. My associations with Jarret's ideas and my own way to improvisations begann there - in the Mountains of my youth, where I've seen the lines and feel beauty. I have been very, very lucky there...."

Next Performance : Around THE KÖLN CONCERT, Planetarium Bochum, 05 Mai 2018 https://www.planetarium-bochum.de/de_DE/calendar/around-the-koeln-concert.15096906

Listen THE KÖLN CONCERT for FREE: http://tomasz-trzcinski.info/the-koln-concert-listen-for-free.html

Visit \u0026 Enjoy Piano Explorations LIVE ! http://pianoexplorations.com


Frakfurter Neue Presse: "Es gab einen sensationellen Keith-Jarrett-Abend" http://sdp.fnp.de/lokales/kreise_of_g...

WNYC, John Schaefer - "New Sounds": "Variations on Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert" - https://www.newsounds.org/story/variations-keith-jarretts-koln-concert-encore/

Keith Jarrett's Immortal ‘Koln Concert’ Turns 40 -

Wie Keith Jarretts Welterfolg fast ausfiel - "The Köln Concert": Interview mit Vera Brandes http://archive.is/QXQCm

Keith Jarretts Köln Concert: Ein Klassiker wird 40 - https://www.welt.de/newsticker/dpa_nt/infoline_nt/boulevard_nt/musik_nt/article136724062/Ein-Klassiker-wird-40.html

Keith Jarretts "The Köln Concert" : Ein Klassiker der Moderne http://www.zeit.de/2008/08/D-Musikklassiker-8

Original Records:
Keith Jarrett Solo, Keith Jarrett Trio, ECM: http://www.ecmrecords.com

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キース・ジャレット ケルンコンサート #キース・ジャレット #ケルンコンサート ザ・ケルン・コンサート ザ・ケルン・コンサート 基思·贾勒特的科隆音乐会 #masakry ε τον jarrett ο κόσμος ομορφαίνει εντός μου και απλώνεται εμπρός μου #onedirection #KölnerDom #キース・ジャレット #ケルンコンサート




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