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M410 1/10 190mm TC body by Bittydesign

Our brand new M410 body shell for 1/10 EP Touring Car rc model finally arrived! Designed and developed to Win.

Watch out all the features and pictures at http://www.bittydesign.net/en/m410

M1 Garand vs M14 / M1A

A basic comparison between the M1 Garand with the M14/M1A
Paper Target on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/292436732820
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Dry Itchy Scalp Removal ASMR (Dandruff Scratching) #M410

Dry Itchy Scalp Removal ASMR (Dandruff Scratching) #M410

Hi guys,
Thank you so much for watching my videos. Now I am coming back with another video for you guys:)
You'll see how I deal with my condition and please let me know what you think. If you love videos like this please subscribe and click the notification bell so you won't miss any videos from me.

#Dandruff #Scratching

Playlist Dandruff Scratching Scalp: https://bit.ly/DandruffScratchingPlaylist

More Video Please Subscribe: https://bit.ly/MaryDandruff

☆ Top 5 Videos:
1. Big Dandruff Flakes:

2. Scratching Dandruff off Scalp:

3. Scratching My Husband's Dandruff:

4. Psoriasis Flakes:

5. Hug Flakes:

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