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Cracking Open - The HP Z820 Workstation

Bill Detwiler cracks open the HP Z820 Workstation, which packs two Xeon CPUs and up to 512GB of RAM in a near tool-less, super-quiet case.

HP Z820 Virtualized + 2 x 12C Processor Install + 512GB Memory Install

In this video we'll show you are our HP Z820 Virtualization System.

We'll install 2 x 12C E5-2697 V2 Processors, 512GB of Memory, and ESXI 6.7.

Check out our HP Z820 Hardware Upgrade Guide:


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HP Z820 Workstation Overview ( IT Creations, Inc )

Phone: 1-800-983-5318
E-Mail: itcreationstv@gmail.com

Whether you are looking for your first enterprise workstation or simply need a powerful upgrade, HP's Z820 is the perfect workstation for you with the latest technologies and advance upgrades to perform up to your expectations and get the job done, faster and reliably!

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