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와이지-원(YG-1)|[밀링]YG MILL-APKT 인서트

APKT 밀링 인서트
- 범용 목적의 중/황삭용 밀링 인서트입니다.
- 유니버셜 타입의 형상으로 다양한 소재 가공이 가능한 엔드밀형 인서트 입니다.
- 탄소강 및 합금강 계열 소재에 적합합니다.
▶ 카탈로그 보러가기 : https://www.yg1.kr/kor/support/milling.asp?r_b_ex1=MILLING

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APKT 1604 on Hardox 450

Milling grade LT30 from Lamina Technologies

YG-1 Cutting Tools | [Milling] YG MILL-APKT_Universal Grade or General Milling Application

▶ Find our latest items at : www.yg1.kr

YG-1 is a Major Global Company that exports to more than
74 countries and holds 23 worldwide branches.

YG-1 Milling tools are recognized to be one of the most cost efficient cutting tools
in the world, satisfying many users by providing a mass increase in productivity.
It is also well known for its outstanding performances and its wide variety of products.
Making it possible to cover a vast range of work materials and also numerous applications.




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