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Party Legends | 515 eParty Music Video | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

It's the debut of the music video of "Party Legends", the 515 eParty's theme song.
Say no to a boring staycation. Stay healthy, let's eParty!

Download "Party Legends" on Spotify:

Music Composition/Lyric Composition: Uncle Fei
Singer: Male: Noisemakers Female: Ember Swift

Defeat the enemy I’m full of energy\r
I can lead the team to victory\r
Got the first blood to legendary\r
Taking you all out go rip
\rFreya Natalia
let me see you move it never gonna stop
\rEpic Fight Queen that’s so hot
\rLet’s Celebrate we got two shots\r\r

Come and battle come and battle
\rLet’s hit the next level\r
Come and battle come and battle
\rI’m the real game right rebel
\rFrom earth to space\r
We party place to place
\rFrom earth to space
\rMobile Legends top the race\r 

\rThere’ll be a party every night\r
Don’t hold your breath let’s play tonight
\rTell me who you gonna be that’s on your mind
\rNo one can stop it’s time to shine
\rWe’re young things will be fine\r
Danger comes I won’t hide
\rWe’re leading the trends tonight\r
We’re young things will be fine
\rDanger comes I won’t hide
\rLegends won’t fade away tonight
\r\rThis is how we be topping our section\r
One family that’s how we present it\r
We got Friends from all over the world
\rCome together and we show them how we do it
\rForm a team fight for justice\r
We all gon make it worth it
\rWe gon fight for the purpose
\rFighting the evil with crystal brightness
\r\rCome and battle come and battle
\rLet’s hit the next level
\rCome and battle come and battle
\rI’m the real game right rebel
\rFrom earth to space\rWe party place to place\r
From earth to space\r
Mobile Legends top the race

\r\rGame on party on!

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