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How to Fix Failed to Initialize Direct3D for Games in Windows 7/8/10

How to Fix Failed to Initialize Direct3D with current settings for Games in Windows 7/8/10 2019.

This graphics card related problem appears when you try to open a game or a high-performance software that requires graphics power. Notably, The users who play games on steam are more familiar with this type of error. It happens due to an old DirectX version, graphics card compatibility issue or other third-party software conflicts. But, You can get rid of it easily.Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables Errors Fix. 2019 Fix with best methods.

Download DirectX:

Download Nvidia Drivers:

Download Visual C++:

1. Check your DirectX version and update it: 0:48

2. Update your graphics card driver: 1:20

3. Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributables: 2:35

This should make your game running again. Thanks!

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How to enable Direct3D (Windows 7 and up)

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How to enable Direct3D on windows 7

Fix direct3d error

There are various #Direct3D problems that can occur, and in this video, I am going to cover the following issues:

What is Direct3D
difference between #directX error and Direct3D error
Is the Direct3D error related to directX
why the Direct3D error occur
How to solve this
Understand the every technical aspect of this issue and solution

Error initializing Direct3D device is not available, Failed to initialize Direct3D

see this video for "DIRECTX Error"

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